Australia Takes a Closer Step Towards Marriage Equality for Same Sex Couples

Same sex wedding

Australia has recently taken its first significant step towards legalizing marriage for same-sex couples with the introduction of a postal plebiscite.

While a plebiscite might not have been everyone’s first choice in dealing with this sensitive issue, it’s a step in the right direction and gives every Australian the opportunity to have their say.

The good news is that leading up to the vote so far, many online polls are showing that the majority of Australians are in favor of marriage equality. While we can’t say for sure what will happen, we are hopeful this will be reflected in the votes and Australia can finally catch up with other countries where gay marriage is legal, such as Canada and New Zealand.

As we look towards a future with marriage equality, it’s exciting to imagine just how many same-sex couples will take the leap. Hundreds of thousands of gay couples can finally begin to put plans in place for the wedding they have always dreamed of.

This means picking out dresses and suits, booking venues, hiring photographers, sampling cakes and declaring your love for one another in front of your friends and family, just as opposite-sex couples have been able to enjoy for over 100 years. This will also see the wedding industry boom in Australia which will have a positive effect on our economy. Just another reason to vote ‘yes’ in the upcoming postal vote in case you needed one!

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