Trends in Wedding Photography to Create the Perfect Memories of Your Special Day

Asian garden wedding

So, you’re planning your wedding in the Sydney area? There is a lot of planning to do in terms of wedding venue, the dress, the wedding celebrant, catering, music, flowers, décor and much more!

Whether it be capturing those perfect moments with the bride and groom, the playful celebration of the wedding party or candid moments of extended family and guests, an extremely important aspect of the day is the photography.

The photography on your wedding becomes one of the most precious and treasured mementos from the big day. These photos, all the way through from the ceremony, to the first dance and the cutting of the cake, will be cherished for a lifetime and even passed down through generations as mementos of the family.

Gone are the days when couples would pose in a closed room for boring portraits. Now it’s all about being modern and trendy with photos.

Some popular trends in wedding photography include:

  • Lots of natural light- natural light lends photos a fresh look. Outdoor weddings are the perfect events for photographers to utilize the natural light and create classic portraits that the couple will remember for a long time after the big day.
  • Mood and drama- some photographers prefer to take the dark route and opt for more moody and dramatic prints. They play with the light, angles, shadows, and textures to create multi-layered images. This is perfect for couples who prefer a more traditional approach.
  • Location matters- Photographers who think about the location have ample experience in fine art photography. They think about landscape and lighting and timing and as a result, you get exquisite images.
  • Creative- being creative in photography means opting for something out of the box. This could be choosing offbeat locations to shoot wedding portraits or utilizing creative props to ensure you get a dazzling result.

By planning early and well ahead of time, you will be sure to get the best photographer to capture those special moments!