When Are the Most Popular Dates, Days and Seasons to get married in Australia?

Planning your wedding and confused about the day or season to have it on? Weddings overall can be exciting to plan but can also be stressful in terms of the sheer amount of work involved.

There are seven days in a week but the most popular day for a wedding is a Saturday. According to an online survey, a huge 62% of weddings take place on Saturdays as it’s the most convenient way for people to attend. It’s a day after Friday when people finish work for the week and are relaxed enough to enjoy any party or festivities. The second most popular day is a Friday, with Sunday being the third.

In terms of seasons, the most popular season for couples to choose is spring with more than 35% choosing to marry during this season. This is no surprise as spring means beautiful sunshine, warm days and lovely blooms; in short, all the perfect elements needed for an outdoor wedding. The lighting and blossoms allow for some magical outdoor photo opportunities for the bride and groom as well as the bridal parties.

The next most popular season is autumn where the temperatures are reasonably suited for a wedding function and best of all the tree leafs turning brown creates a fantastic backdrop for the ceremony and the photographs. In terms of months, the most popular one is March with November and September being a close second and third. This shows that March’s autumn weather holds its own against the popular spring season.

If you are planning to have your special day, it’s best to do ample research on the venue and date well in advance to avoid any disappointments. Another important thing to think about is the wedding celebrant who will handle your ceremony. As your wedding day can be one of the most important days in your life, you want to ensure you have the perfect venue, the ideal date and a great marriage celebrant to bring everything together for a memorable day.