Factors to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Sydney

When planning your dream wedding day, an outdoor ceremony is an increasingly popular option. A little planning will ensure that your day runs seamlessly. Consider the following facts when planning your wedding ceremony in an outdoor setting: 


Although you do not need permission to simply take wedding photographs in a public outdoor area, most councils require a permit for holding a wedding. This includes weddings held at the beach!

The City of Sydney requires a Park / Open Spaces Wedding Ceremony Application to be lodged a minimum of four weeks before the ceremony. A representative will be in touch with you within 10 working days of you lodging the form.

Contact the Council in the local area of your chosen venue for more information.


Consider the typical type of weather at the time of year that you have scheduled your ceremony.Plan accordingly! Always consider the chance of rain, and have an alternative venue available. Ensure that there is shade and shelter near your venue – just in case!


Make sure that you guests know what clothes and shoes are best suited to your ceremony and reception location! Consider your own shoes and your guest’s attire when outdoors – particularly for a garden or beach wedding. It is advisable to let guests know the location of your wedding on the invitation.

The Ceremony

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The Sound System

When organising an outdoor wedding ensure that the sound from your sound system will travel to guests situated furthest from the bride and groom. Take into account factors such as the level of noise at the location – the sound of the sea, for instance. Wattage also needs to be significantly higher at outdoor events as there are no walls to contain the sound.

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