Are you looking for a unique wedding? How about a themed ceremony or an unusual location? Maybe something traditional is more your thing? Talk to me about your ideas and let’s make it happen!

Most of my weddings are fairly traditional but occasionally someone requests something a little different and I love that! Some of my more memorable ones are:
* A pirate wedding, complete with costumes and spoken like pirates.
* A surprise Bollywood wedding where everyone thought they were at the engagement party and I was introduced as a magician from Madras!
* A wedding at a heavy metal concert in Sydney, performed during the breaks between sets!
* A cowboy wedding
* A paranormal enthusiast’s wedding – the bride wore black and the groom arrived in a coffin on a motorcycle sidecar!
* A surfie wedding – I played the role of a random surfie invited to perform the ceremony
* Dressed up as a Greek Orthodox priest for a fun wedding.

Your wedding needs to be something that reflects your ideas and I am so happy to help you with that.